Amazing Benefits of Sargava

Amazing Benefits of Sargava: Sargava is rich in nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B. Hence, you can stay away from many types of diseases due to consumption of sargani pods. Everything in the mango tree, from its roots to its flowers and fruits, is nutritious, and can be used to make herbs within Ayurveda. You can get rid of problems like asthma, stones and jaundice by using Sargava root. You can get rid of water problems and liver diseases by using Sargava bark. Use its fruit and you can get rid of all stomach related diseases. Through its fruit, you can get rid of problems like eye disease and va and pita. Amazing Benefits of Sargava

Amazing Benefits of Sargava

Amazing Benefits of Sargava In joint pain and sciatica, if sorghum bark mixed with honey is consumed, due to this, the problem of vata and kapha within your body will be removed. So that you get permanent relief from problems like joint pain and sciatica. Sorghum is very useful for water problems. Sargava root mixed with two to four grams of asafoetida and sindhav namak and eaten proves to be a panacea for hair problems. Amazing Benefits of Sargava

Amazing Benefits of Sargava: Due to consumption of sargan for inflammation and migraine problems within the body, the nature of matter within the body is calmed down. So that if there is swelling anywhere inside the body or if there is joint pain or migraine problem, it gets rid of it. To get rid of the problem of inflammation, taking sorghum bark, Amaltas roots, Karanj and Akdal and turmeric in equal quantity of five grams each and applying it on the body gives relief from inflammation.

For Stomach Problems If the leaves are consumed along with Sindhav Namak, it cures all problems related to the stomach. Apart from this, if one spoon of sargavan leaf juice is mixed with one spoon of honey and coconut water, then all kinds of stomach disorders are removed.

Consuming rosehip to increase sperm count increases sperm count and also improves sperm quality. If Sargava pods are consumed with milk at night, it proves to be a panacea for all kinds of menstrual problems for women. Amazing Benefits of Sargava

Consuming sorghum for weight loss removes the excess fat accumulated in the body, and thus the individuals get rid of the problem of obesity. In case of high blood pressure, if 15 grams of sorghum juice is consumed in the morning and evening, due to this, the problem of high blood pressure gets a lot of relief. Amazing Benefits of Sargava

Sargava is rich in iron to remove anemia, so consuming it increases the amount of hemoglobin in the body, and at the same time, new blood is formed in the body. Various types of nutrients present in Sargava increase the immunity of your body to increase immunity. So that your immunity increases, and you stop getting sick more often.

Removing any cancerous tumor anywhere inside the root of Sargana proves to be very useful in preventing cancer. For this reason, if the root of sargava is mixed with ajma hing and ginger and made into a decoction and drunk, Amazing Benefits of Sargava it proves to be very useful in removing the problem of cancer. Amazing Benefits of Sargava

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