Lothal: The world’s largest National Maritime Heritage Museum will be built in Lothal

National Maritime Heritage Museum: Under the able guidance of the country’s PM Narendra Modi, the National Maritime Heritage Complex (NMHC) is being constructed at Lothal in Ahmedabad district of Gujarat by the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways. The dockyard at Lothal is the world’s first man-made dockyard built around 5000 years ago. This heritage complex will be a learning experience as well as a sightseeing destination for the people, which will be prepared with a blend of maritime history and technocraft of India.

National Maritime Heritage Museum

In this way, we have found many places of historical relevance through archaeological excavations. Dholavira and Lothal are also included in these centers which are the pride of India. A heritage of Gujarat, Lothal in ancient times was a thriving center of India’s maritime potential. Much can be learned today from the urban planning of the remains of cities, ports and markets found during excavations at Lothal. A ‘National Maritime Heritage Complex’ (NMHC) is taking shape at such ‘Lothal’. Built at a cost of Rs 4,500 crore, the ‘Banaru Museum’ in this complex will witness the great strides of human civilization.

The National Maritime Heritage Complex will be developed as a new international tourist destination and maintained at par with other international museums of the world. This project will also prove helpful in developing the economy of the entire Bhal region. As a result of which, many employment opportunities for thousands of people will be created here, as well as the development of many cottage industries is also certain.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in his address from Red Fort on 15 August 2022 spoke about ‘Panch Prana’ and in it Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi underlined the point of ‘Pride for our heritage’ and said that our maritime heritage is handed down to us by our forefathers. There is only one legacy.

“There are many stories of our history, which have been forgotten and ways have not been found to preserve them for passing down to the next generation. India’s maritime heritage is one such topic which has not been discussed as much as it should be. Following this, the construction of the grand museum is underway by the Shipping Department of the Central Government.

The National Maritime Heritage Complex is taking shape at Lothal, 75 km from Ahmedabad. Where can be easily reached by road. Ahmedabad International Airport is the nearest airport to Lothal. The project will be built in a total area of 400 acres.

The project will be constructed in 3 parts. Work on the first part of the project is currently underway. The project will create the world’s largest maritime heritage complex. The world’s tallest light house museum will be built in this complex.

The world’s largest open aquatic gallery will also be built in this complex. This world-class National Maritime Heritage Complex is being developed to showcase India’s rich and diverse maritime heritage.

Visitors to this museum will experience a world-class museum visit. It will create a sense of place by presenting the maritime locations and its rich history. The master plan design of this National Maritime Heritage Museum will take visitors through a grand maritime history that will provide education, entertainment and a relaxing time.

It may be mentioned here that in ancient times, Lothal was not only a major trading center of the Indus Valley Civilization, but was also a symbol of India’s maritime power and prosperity. There was a time when Lothal port was marked with the flags of 84 countries and Valabhi was home to students from 80 countries.

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