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Useful Books for Driving License Exam: Nowadays, a license is required to drive a bike, four wheeler or heavy vehicle on Indian roads. Computer test is mandatory while getting driving license. Let us discuss the questions that can be asked in computers and their answers in this article.

Useful book for driving license exam

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Information about RTO

The Department of Transport operates under the provisions of Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The Department of Traffic has been constituted to implement the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the Gujarat Motor Vehicles Act, 1989 and the rules laid down under both the Acts.

The vehicle department is headed by the Transport Commissioner (TC). He is also assisted by a Joint Director and OSD specializing in implementation, administration and finance at headquarters.

Driving License Computer Test

After filling the online form for driving license, a computer test has to be given. Computer test is compulsory. Let us know what kind of questions can be asked in computer test.

RTO Computer Exam Rules

  • Now there is a PDF file for taking the computer test which is given at the end of the article
  • The computer test will have general questions that you see when you go on the roads.
  • An option is also provided with the question, from which you have to tick the correct answer.
  • During the RTO computer exam 15 questions are asked out of which you are required to answer 11 questions correctly only then you will pass the exam.
  • 45 seconds are allotted for each question.
  • It is mandatory to provide an ID proof while appearing for online RTO exam test.

Useful Book for Driving License Exam / Useful Question for Driving License Exam

  • What do you do when a pedestrian is standing to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing? : Keep the vehicle stationary until the pedestrian crosses the road and then move forward.
  • You approach a narrow canal, another vehicle enters the canal from the front what do you do? : Stop till the oncoming vehicle passes and then move forward
  • When a person is injured in a vehicle accident : Take all necessary steps to get the injured person treated and write a report to the police station within 24 hours.
  • Where the road is declared as one-way : Driving in reverse gear is allowed
  • From which side can you overtake any vehicle? : From the right side of the vehicle in front
  • What is the validity of raw license? : 6 months
  • What should a pedestrian do on a road without footpaths? : Walk on the right side of the road
  • Where to give priority to the vehicle to go? : Ambulance and Firefighter vehicle
  • When you stop the vehicle on the side of the road during the night? : Turning on the parking light of the vehicle
  • When are fog lamps used? : When there is fog in the atmosphere
  • If an ambulance is close behind you : The driver will move his vehicle to the left side of the road to open the way.
  • What does a red light indicate in a traffic single? : Stop the vehicle
  • Where the road is slippery, the driver will : change gear and slow down.
  • Under what circumstances is overtaking prohibited? : When there is a possibility of danger to other traffic
  • What is the validity of PUC certificate? : 6 months
  • Overtaking when the curve is close? : Not valid
  • Drunk driving? : Prohibited in any vehicle
  • Why is the rear view mirror distorted? : See vehicles coming from behind
  • Getting in or out of the vehicle while the vehicle is in motion : No
  • When refueling the vehicle (Petrol / Diesel / Gas) : No smoking
  • Over tracking prohibited? : When the road ahead is not clearly visible
  • When you are driving at night with the high beam of your headlights when a car comes from the side in front of you? : Keep dim head light till the oncoming vehicle is passing.
  • Is excessive use of the horn a crime? : Yes
  • Documents to be carried with Non Transport Vehicle : RC Book, PUC, Insurance Certificate, Motor Driving License
  • Should talk on mobile while driving any vehicle? : No
  • How useful is the head rest mounted on the seat? : Protects the dock from injury in case of accident.
  • What do you do when making a left turn? : By showing the left side signal, we will take the turn by keeping the vehicle on the left side of the road
  • What is the minimum age to get a gearless motorcycle license? : 16 years
  • Can the driver of the vehicle over track? : When the driver of the vehicle ahead shows the sign to over track
  • Which side of the road will the driver drive his vehicle on? : Left side of the road

Useful books and applications for driving license exam are given below with the help of which you will be able to pass the computer exam.

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