Vachhraj Dada Temple Pedeshpura

Vachhraj Dada Temple Pedeshpura: At the time of Aarti, Vachraj Dada’s temple in Pedeshpura village of Radhanpur taluk is being visited every day. Thus, in the evening, as soon as the bells of the Aarti sound, a unique curiosity is being seen among the villagers who reach towards the temple for the Aarti. Thakor Mubhai, who lives at Pedeshpura village in Radhanpur taluk, reared a mare for his livelihood. They used to take it in the wedding procession. But for the last four months, a unique mix was seen inside the mare

Vachhraj Dada Temple Pedeshpura

  • A unique sight at Pedeshpura village in Patan
  • The mare goes to the temple for aarti
  • A large number of future devotees turned up
  • The mare arrives at Vachrajdada’s temple

A unique sight was seen at Pedashpura village of Radhanpur taluk of Patan district. The mare reaches the temple of Vachrajdada, one kilometer away from its owner’s house, and participates in the aarti. They used to take it inside in a horse, but for the last four months, the family has been worshiping the mare after seeing a unique devotion inside the mare.

Aarti is performed by the priest at 6:00 pm at the temple of Vachraj Dada at Pedeshpura village. When the entire village goes to participate in the aarti, at the time of the aarti, this mare reaches the temple of Vachrajdada, which is one kilometer away from her owner’s house. She goes inside the temple and participates in the aarti. Every day during the last four months, the mare runs to the temple hearing the sound of aarti. There are many temples in the village. Every day, aarti is performed in every temple in the village, but this mare only reaches Vachrajdada’s temple and participates in the aarti. does darshan

Thus, the presence of mare has been seen during the Aarti of Sandhya Tal since the last four months. Ramjan is also feeling curious about it. At times the owner is also doing some puja.

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