List of Waterfalls in Gujarat

List of Waterfalls in Gujarat: Friends Monsoon season has started, now everyone is enjoying soaking in rain during monsoon season and everyone is also feeling like going out on Saturday and Sunday holidays, so today we are going to give you information about waterfalls in Gujarat which are worth visiting in monsoon.

Giradhodh (Dang District)

Giradhodh Giradhodh is located at a distance of five kilometers from Waghai in Dang district of Gujarat. And is located at a distance of 50 km from Saputara. If you are on your way to Saputara, this falls on the way between Giradhod, Giradhod is located on the banks of river Ambika. It falls into the river from a height of about 75 feet. Gira Falls is a natural beauty and is found amidst lush greenery. Gira Falls is a very famous waterfall in Gujarat. Many tourists come here in monsoon. During rains, the flow of water increases a lot, so it is very fun here.

This waterfall is known as Giradhodh after the name of the river Gira. A check dam has also been built there to stop its water before it falls in the form of a waterfall. The roar of this waterfall falling from a height of 30 meters can be heard far and wide. If you go to see, don’t have to swim, there are chances of drowning as the depth is high.

Zarwani Falls (Narmada District)

Zarwani Falls is located in Narmada district. To see Zarvani Falls one has to go from Rajpipla to the side of Kevadia Colony at a distance of 28 kms. Thawdaya Checkpost is seven kilometers away. And is located at a distance of 90 km from Vadodara city.

Most of the young men and women come to see the Zarwani falls, taking photos and selfies will be a lot of fun. This is a very beautiful place and the joy of sitting and eating in the natural environment is a different experience. Many people bring food from home. Many tourists from far and wide come here in monsoon. If you have not been to Zarwani Falls, then you must visit this place once. You will have a lot of fun.

Ninai Falls (Narmada District)

Ninai Falls is situated in Dediapada Taluka of Narmada District. It is about 35 kms from Dediyapada and 143 kms from Surat. Its height is more than 20 feet. The Ninai falls flows through the beautiful forests. The view of this waterfall in monsoon is unforgettable. People enjoy bathing on the low face here.

Jhanzari Falls (Dehgam – Gandhinagar District)

Zhanzari Falls is located near Dehgam at a distance of 74 km from Ahmedabad and is situated on the banks of Vatrak river near Dabha village of Baid taluk of Aravalli district. It is about 12 km from Baid. Zanzari falls is not available for Bare month but the view is very picturesque during monsoon. This waterfall has become a center of attraction for tourists. During the rainy season the flow of water increases so much care is required there. It is a place to go with family and friends and also a beautiful place for photography.

Tourists from Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad visit here on weekends

Hathani Mata Falls (Panchmahal District)

Hathani Mata waterfall is located next to Jambughoda in Panchmahal district in Gujarat. 16 km from Jambughoda and 18 km from Dhodhamba, there is Hathani Mata waterfall near Sarasava village. Apart from this, you can go to this place from Halol via Pavagadh and Shivrajpur. The distance of this waterfall is 56 km from Godhra and 80 km from Vadodara.

Devotees visit this waterfall in monsoons to have darshan of Shiva and enjoy the natural beauty. There are very high hills in front of this waterfall and the water coming from one of the hills falls down as a waterfall on the steep slope of the hill. It is very fun to stand in front and watch this waterfall rise and fall from the crooked rocks of the hill. It is surrounded by trees and thickets. Where the waterfall falls, there is a cave in which there is a big stone in the shape of an elephant, so this waterfall is called the waterfall of Hathani Mata. Many people worship Hathani Mata in this cave and there is also a Shivling of Shivaji in this temple. Sat-Sun Hathani There is a lot of public at Mata Falls. Seeing the scene here, you will not believe that this is a hill station of Gujarat. Here, as soon as the first rain falls, the stream takes a very beautiful form.

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