Ram Mandir Virtual Darshan

Ram Mandir Virtual Darshan: You can have virtual darshan of Ayodhya Ram Temple on the digital platform of Abp Live. Here you will experience the devotion of Ram. So don’t delay, let’s have darshan of Lord Shri Ram-

Ram Mandir Virtual Darshan: The inauguration of the grand Ram temple built in Ayodhya and the consecration program of Ramlala has been completed on Monday, 22 January 2024 and Ramlala is seated in the temple. From today i.e. 23rd January, devotees are also going to visit Ram temple.

Ram Mandir Virtual Darshan

The Ram temple built in Ayodhya is in discussion in the country and the world and there is a deep history associated with this temple. After the consecration of Ramlala’s life, the whole country has become Rammay. ABP Live Digital is giving its readers and viewers all the updates related to the consecration of Lord Ram and the inauguration of the temple from time to time and now through ABP Live you will also be able to have a virtual darshan of the Ram temple.

If for some reason you cannot go to Ayodhya Ram Temple or are unable to go to Ayodhya, then do not be disappointed, on the Ram Mandir Ayodhya microsite on ABP Live’s digital platform, you can visit the Ram Temple sitting at home and also allow your family to visit it. Can. To have virtual darshan of Ram Mandir

This is why the virtual darshan of ABP Live Digital is special

This facility of virtual darshan of Ram temple has been provided to you by Abp Live Digital. For this, first of all you will have to click on the link and to login, you will have to enter your name and the name of your city and select gender (female or male). After this your virtual journey to the real temple will begin. Through 8 steps, you will be given information about what things you will be able to experience in virtual darshan.

Features of Abp Live’s Ram Mandir Virtual Tour

Ram Temple Entrance – In this virtual tour you will climb the stairs of the real Ram Temple and enter the temple and you will hear the sound of bells all around the temple. You will also see the entire structure of the temple. After this you will see the sanctum sanctorum and from there you will be able to have virtual darshan of Ramlala.

You can know the complete history of Ram Temple – Through this microsite you can also know all the history related to Ram Temple. Here you will be told in detail how the Ram temple is, who are the main faces of the Ayodhya Ram temple movement, incidents related to Ayodhya Ram temple, you can also see pictures and videos related to Ayodhya.

Opportunity to participate in the virtual darshan of Ram Lalla: ABP Live’s Ram Mandir Metaverse is a special step towards virtual spirituality that gives Ram devotees from all over the world the opportunity to participate in the virtual darshan of Ram Mandir. In this virtual darshan, along with performing aarti and puja, you can also offer flowers to the idol of Ramlala.

Selfie Zone is attractive: Along with spiritual activities, this virtual tour of Ram Mandir also includes features like Ram Mandir Metaverse Game and Selfie, which is very attractive.

Ram Mandir Metaverse is not just a digital platform but much more than that. This is a special invitation for you to experience the essence of reverence, devotion, spirituality and cultural heritage in a new and exciting way. ABP Network heartily invites all you Ram devotees to join this Virtual Ram Mandir Tour.

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