Side Effects of Mobile

Side Effects of Mobile: Many studies have proved how harmful excessive use of smart phones is for our health. This affects our eyes and the rays emanating from it are also harmful for our skin. Excessive use of smart phones prevents you from sleeping at night and your daily routine gets disturbed. You start sleeping late and waking up late, which can affect your mental health and your productivity. Not only this, but using smart phones can also affect your joints. This may happen due to being in wrong posture while using it. This may also weaken your ability to remember. So let us know about some of the disadvantages of using smart phones.

Side Effects of Mobile

neck and shoulder pain

Even if you use the phone continuously for two to three hours every day, you may still experience this pain. Due to this you will start having pain around the neck and shoulders. This may be more likely to happen if you lie down and look at your phone. mobile side effects

Risk of Osteoarthritis

This is a kind of condition in which the bones of your body become weak and the risk of fracture increases. Although it is said to be a disease that occurs in old people, but in today’s time, due to excessive use of phones, this disease has started appearing in most of the youth also.

Deformation and cramps of elbows

If you use the phone while sitting or in any other way, your elbows always remain bent. In this condition, there is pain in your elbow and deformity of the elbow may also occur. mobile side effects

hand arm vibration syndrome

This condition is mostly seen in children only. This is seen when children keep playing mobile games for a long time. By doing this, children start having severe pain in their hands. This is called hand arm syndrome and is caused by playing games or using the phone for a long time. mobile side effects

Frequent feeling of pressure in joints

By continuously using the phone without giving any rest, you may face many problems in the joints and hands and legs like feeling pressure or pain along with tingling, numbness and deformity. mobile side effects

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