The Complete Guide to Blood Types

The Complete Guide to Blood Types: Blood group is a classification of blood based on the presence or absence of antigen on a substance found on the surface of red blood cells.

The Complete Guide to Blood Types

How many types of blood groups are there?

Any person may need blood, then his blood group has to be given. While telling the blood group, it is necessary to tell both the blood group and Rh factor.

Blood types represent contributions from both the mother and father. A total of 30 blood group systems have now been identified by ISBT.

The Rhesus system is the second most important blood group system in human blood transfusion. The most important rhesus antigen is the RhD antigen because it is the most immunogenic of the five main rhesus antigens. RhD negative individuals generally do not have anti-RhD IgG or IgM antibodies, because anti-RhD antibodies are not normally produced by sensitization against environmental substances.

However, RhD-negative individuals can make IgG anti-RhD antibodies after a sensitization event: possibly from a blood transfusion from the fetus to the mother during pregnancy or sometimes from a transfusion of blood containing RhD-positive red blood cells.RhD The disease may develop in these cases.

Which blood group (ABO) is most rare in India?

AB-ve (0.2%)

Which blood group is most found in India?

O+ve (36.9%)

Does blood group depend on parents?

What will be the blood group of the child completely depends on the blood group of the parents, because one gene for determining the blood group is received from the mother and one gene from the father. The gene for ABO is on chromosome 9, and the gene for RHD is on chromosome 1.

Which blood group has the sharpest brain?

Blood group has no direct relation with intelligence, although in some studies it has been found that people with B+ve blood group are more intelligent.

Which blood group can give to everyone? (all giver)

It is always advised to transfuse blood of the same type, but in an emergency, O-ve blood group can be transfused to all patients (regardless of their blood group). Similarly O-VE: All-giving

Which blood group can take the most blood? (omnibus)

It is always advised to transfuse only blood of the same type, but in case of emergency, a marriage with AB+VE blood group can take any blood type.

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