What Is Earthquake? | How Are Earthquakes Measured?

What Is Earthquake? The entire world is in a state of shock after seeing the violent appearance of the 7.8 Richter scale earthquake in Turkey that lasted for about a minute. Due to this devastating earthquake, all the buildings, big or small, collapsed in a moment and only the lifeless bodies of people remained. The cry of human beings dying in the hope of saving lives and the cries of family members or loved ones who have been revived by God’s grace.

All over the world, these devastating earthquakes that shake nature’s cares are being noticed and action is being taken for rescue operations, but thousands of desperate human beings have already given life to nature’s car

What Is Earthquake? | How Are Earthquakes Measured?

Earthquake- is the result of shaking or vibration caused by sudden release of energy in the subsurface layers of the earth. Earthquakes are measured by a seismometer called a seismometer or seismograph. In general, the magnitude of an earthquake at that moment is recorded and measured on the Richter scale, which is given a number from 1 to 9. According to this, earthquakes with a magnitude of 3 or less are mostly unreported because they are too subtle, while earthquakes of a magnitude of 6 or more cause serious damage over a much larger area. The basis of which also depends on the geographical situation of that region.

When the epicenter is far out at sea, the sea floor often moves enough to generate a tsunami. Earthquakes can trigger landslides and sometimes volcanoes can also be awakened.

What is the scale of an earthquake?

The scale that indicates the intensity of an earthquake is the Richter scale. It was invented by Charles F. Ricketer in AD. Did it in 193P. This scale is measured in multiples of ten. This means that a magnitude seven earthquake is ten times more powerful than a magnitude six, while the energy released by it is thirty-two times greater. This scale is calculated by measuring the energy released by the strongest waves of an earthquake using a seismograph.

The damage caused by an earthquake cannot be measured using the Richter scale. The Mercali scale is used to measure the actual damage done. It takes into account the experience of the bystander and the damage to life and property.

Causes of earthquakes

As mentioned earlier, earthquakes are mostly caused by tectonic ruptures, but earthquakes can also be caused by (a) volcanoes (b) landslides (c) explosive explosions in mines and (d) nuclear experiments. The point of rupture from where the earthquake originates is called the epicenter and the point exactly above where the tremor hits the ground surface is called the epicenter.

How to measured earthquake

Mercoli scale is used to assess damage. It takes into account the experience of the beholder and the damage to life and property. In which the observations are recorded mainly considering the effect of earthquakes on the ground surface, on human race, on structures and are classified accordingly and shown as 1 to 1R.

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